Therapy with me…

Therapy with me is for those interested in resolving things on a deep level. This becomes possible within the context of a safe and enabling relationship that continues over a period of time. It is this holding that enables the fullest shift and the deepest integration of that shift into one’s psyche, body and life. There is no quick fix. It takes time to re-member ourselves and to become whole.

Therapy with me is based on some of the understandings outlined below:

  • The safety and duration of time that comes with the committed therapeutic relationship fosters the deepest levels of re-connection to the true self and so to the integration of that connection.
  • That we are energetic, multi- dimensional beings.
  • Nothing is permanent.
  • Embodiment and development are synonymous
  • Our body is a highly intelligent organism and every part of it has mind of its own.
  • Our body, and not our head, holds all the information we need in order to repair, integrate and become truly whole.
  • Trauma is old frozen energy that hasn’t received the right highly attuned support in order to be integrated.
  • The importance of taking things slowly
  • Trauma and familiar patterns and tendencies can have an ancestral root and disentangling from this energy enables deep connection to our true self.
  • Therapist and client are involved in a joint learning and developing experience together.
How It Works

If you are interested in Deeper Work with me, I usually suggest we meet for 6 sessions before we decide to work together longer-term. The first session includes some assessment and for this I charge my usual fee which is currently £50.00

What Tends to Happen in a Session

During sessions we tend to be seated but there is also space to move or lie down should that be more helpful and it often is. I follow you. How I work may initially appear as some kind of “talking therapy” but this is really only part of the story. I encourage you to keep relationship with your body and with the physical sensations of feelings. I encourage you to tune in to it’s responses and reactions to anything we may explore. I find that the body has far more information than our thinking mind as to what it needs to resolve things. We also explore your relationship with the ground as this ensures that you have enough resources and containment to process what is being spoken of. THis natural “slowing down” ensures that things are kept calm and that energy can be easily integrated. I also use suggestions and interventions that I intuitively or otherwise feel are in line with your intention with working with me. I also will support you in slowing things down if things are moving too fast to be integrated (which is not useful).

Within this way of working I show how we can tame the Super Ego (the inner critic – the cause of most human suffering and the Inner Saboteur Extraordinaire) and no less vital, how we can disentangle from ancestral trauma that we may have bonded with in the bonding-process of early infancy. It is the latter in particular that can leave us crippled with mental or emotional patterns and disturbances and even physical symptoms that it is not possible for us to heal as they are not from our own life experience but actually belong back down the maternal or paternal line. Learning to master the Super-Ego and disentangling from trauma that is not our own can feel particularly freeing.

What Tends to Happen in a Session…

During sessions we explore issues that present themselves in your current life or in the present moment. Our body-mind is super intelligent and through following the inner feelings and  sensations that accompany the issue, we can be gently led to the “nub” of it. I work at a slow pace as this ensures integration and means that nothing is overwhelming. Some issues may be attended to quite quickly, while others, need a few weeks or even months to process. Some deeper issues take longer. It is the length of time within the safe therapeutic relationship that actually enables the deepest levels of integration and healing. Quick fixes tend to wear off quickly. Whereas a continuous, stable and clear therapeutic relationship enables the deepest levels of change.

While listening to the intelligence of the body and following sensations and feelings (otherwise known as the “felt sense”), we can also explore the beliefs that have attempted to keep any issues or patterns of behaviour in place. Here we can also work with the inner Saboteur, as this aspect, when left unchallenged, controls us from the shadows and scuppers any real development. During our work together I show you the real purpose of this aspect and how to deal with it and move more towards the life that you’d really like for yourself.

While on a therapeutic journey we often end up meeting old shock and trauma energy. I work with the latest techniques in the field – using pacing and resourcing and grounding – to ensure the safe processing and integration of this energy. I can also show you how to disengage from ancestral trauma. Otherwise known as trans-generational trauma, this energy can cause many problems on many levels of our being; mentally, emotionally and physically. Many therapeutic hours can be unwittingly wasted on unconsciously attempting to process a parent’s or grandparent’s pain for them when this is not possible to do. In (unconsciously) doing this, we invariably end up burdened at best and crippled at worst. Distinguishing between what is ours and what is not ours can indeed be extremely liberating. Working with these “entanglements” may include working with stones or cushions as a way or re-constellating the original family dynamic.

I tend to view the body-mind in terms of the Celtic five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and also in terms of Polarity and the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Sessions can include mindfulness, moving, yoga or other helpful exercises that support the individuals innate ability to relate with themselves in any way that is truly supportive. I follow you and encourage you to listen to your body’s needs and intelligence at all times with a view to inner-attunement, health and wholeness.

I offer:

  • An initial free assessment session.

followed by

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Long-term therapy work
  • 6 weeks of once-weekly individual sessions as an introduction to this approach

A session lasts for 60 minutes: usually once per week, at a regular time.


My professional fee for individual therapy is £50 per hour session.

I also offer one-off sessions to those who have previously undergone personal therapy but who still have an unresolved chronic issue which they would like to explore with me using my particular approach. These sessions sometimes last longer than one hour and so the fee would adjust accordingly. For example, a one and a half hour session @ £50.00 per hour would be £75.00 and so fourth.


Catherine Stone, Girton, Cambridge
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